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Welcome to Bra Sizes in Order! On we have a host of useful resources for women trying to understand the bra sizing system. You could be buying a new bra or trying to determine whether you currently have the right size. Maybe you’re just curious as to how big bras can go! No matter what the reason you’ve landed on the right page for all the bra sizes in order!

As women we understand how confusing it can be to get to grips with what size your bra and your breasts are. To some women it can feel like the combinations of numbers and letters don’t mean very much! On this site we’re dedicated to helping you understand what size bra you’re wearing and what sizes are up and down from that size.

US Bra Sizes in Order | The Chart

30AA 32AA 34AA 36AA 38AA 40AA 42AA 44AA
30A 32A 34A 36A 38A 40A 42A 44A
30B 32B 34B 36B 38B 40B 42B 44B
30C 32C 34C 36C 38C 40C 42C 44C
30D 32D 34D 36D 38D 40D 42D 44D
30DD 32DD 34DD 36DD 38DD 40DD 42DD 44DD
30F 32F 34F 36F 38F 40F 42F 44F
30G 32G 34G 36G 38G 40G 42G 44G
30H 32H 34H 36H 38H 40H 42H 44H
30I 32I 34I 36I 38I 40I 42I 44I

In reality a lot of these bra sizes won’t exist unless they are specially tailored. You’re about as likely to find a 30I as you are a 44AA! We’ve composed this chart simply to show the diverse range of bra sizes out there and show you them in order.

Bra Cup Sizes in Order

In the United States cup sizes begin at AA. This is the smallest cup size that is available to purchase from all retailers. The increasing order of cup sizes is shown below.

As you can see bras start at an AA cup and end at an I cup. That is not to say that other cup sizes above this are not available, however you will be hard pressed to find a bra in that size readily available to purchase in a store. You will likely need to be measured and have custom bra made for you.

Bra Sizes in Order

It is crucial to understand that the double letter bra sizes fit in between the other letters. They’re not twice as big as some people believe! For instance, a FF cup comes in between a F and a G.

Now that we have established all of the cups for the bra sizes in order it is time to understand the band size.

Bra Band Sizes in Order

Band sizing typically begins at around 30 inches, although bras that come in 26 inches and 28 inches are not unheard of.В The sizes of bras typically increases in intervals of 2 inches, however some specialist shops will sell bras that come in intervals in 1 inch.

It is equally important to know what size band you need as it is to know your cup size. By ensuring that you have a correct band size you are making sure that your bra has enough elasticity and tension to support your breasts, but not too much so that it cuts into your skin or restricts blood flow or breathing.

Bra Sizes in Order for Other Countries

If you need to know all of the bra sizes in order from other countries then we’re got helpful guides and tables for you here too. Not only do we have information on bras from around the world, but we’ll also help you understand what each measurement and code means.

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