Bra Sizes in Order : Europe & Japan

Europe and Japan have their own ways of categorising bra size. Instead of opting to go for inches Europe and Japan measure their band sizes in centimetres.

The only different between a European bra size and a Japanese one is the order of the numbers and letter. i.e. A 70C in Europe would be a C70 in Japan.

65A 70A 75A 80A 85A 90A 95A 100A
65B 70B 75B 80B 85B 90B 95B 100B
65C 70C 75C 80C 85C 90C 95C 100C
65D 70D 75D 80D 85D 90D 95D 100D
65E 70E 75E 80E 85E 90E 95E 100E
65F 70F 75F 80F 85F 90F 95F 100F
65G 70G 75G 80G 85G 90G 95G 100G
65H 70H 75H 80H 85H 90H 95H 100H
65I 70I 75I 80I 85I 90I 95I 100I
65J 70J 75J 80J 85J 90J 95J 100J
65K 70K 75K 80K 85K 90K 95K 100K

As you can see from our chart of the European/Japanese bra sizes in order the smallest band size usually begins at 65cm. This equates to a 30 inch band size in the USA, the UK and Oceania.

The cup sizes from Europe and Japan are simply in alphabetical order (as shown below) there are no double cups or other names for any of the cup sizes. Some women prefer the European and Japanese system as it is much more straight forward to remember the order!

Bra Sizes in Order Europe Japan