Bra Sizes in Order : The United Kingdom


The order of bra sizes is slightly different in the UK. A table including some of the most standard bra sizes is shown below.

30A 32A 34A 36A 38A 40A 42A 44A
30B 32B 34B 36B 38B 40B 42B 44B
30C 32C 34C 36C 38C 40C 42C 44C
30D 32D 34D 36D 38D 40D 42D 44D
30DD 32DD 34DD 36DD 38DD 40DD 42DD 44DD
30E 32E 34E 36E 38E 40E 42E 44E
30F 32F 34F 36F 38F 40F 42F 44F
30G 32G 34G 36G 38G 40G 42G 44G
30H 32H 34H 36H 38H 40H 42H 44H
30I 32I 34I 36I 38I 40I 42I 44I
30J 32J 34J 36J 38J 40J 42J 44J

As you may notice there is no AA size in the United Kingdom, they have instead opted to just begin the cup sizes at “A”. Furthermore, the “E” size is never referred to as DDD as it sometimes is in the USA.

Use the below chart to tell the order of the cup sizes!

Bra Sizes in Order UK